Virmach - 黑色星期五促销活动预告

Virmach的2018黑色星期五活动页面放出,页面显示 "Black Friday Deals Coming soon." 黑五促销将有望和往年一样如约而至:





2018-11-23更新Virmach黑五多款抢购 LIMITED OFFER 详细配置整理汇总







We want to thank you for participating in the previous years' Black Friday sale. Our team has been working hard to ensure the sale goes smoother this year, and we have an exclusive bonus offer for even more savings. Deposit $50* into your VirMach account before the Black Friday sale starts and receive an extra free 20% in promotional store credit on Cyber Monday. This will also ensure that your order is not
rejected during the specials due to any payment issues, and will help you check out faster.

Deposit $50 +20% FREE Flash Deals 8:30PM US Pacific Time

Ready for the sale?

Limited Flash Deals start 8:30PM on November 22nd, US Pacific Time, and end when stock runs out. We recommend you bookmark the offer page.

Other special offers will also be available in larger quantities and will be rotated out until the end of the holiday season. If you miss a flash deal, check back soon!

All discounts will be recurring and multiple locations are available. More servers & locations are being prepared for Cyber Monday & upcoming weeks.

Don't forget to spread the word to earn 10% commission for any of your friends purchasing a special offer. Or just to be a good friend :)

Limit one per customer (per flash deal.) No refunds. Please remember that our support will be slower during the holiday season. We kindly request that you do not create tickets about the promotion; instead, post any questions on the related message board advert. We cannot make any time-sensitive account or order modifications during the sale, but anyone who makes a deposit will be whitelisted by our system.

*Deposits are non-refundable. Alipay not eligible for deposit per Alipay terms. Must be exactly $50.00 in one deposit and before 8:30 PM US Pacific Time on 11/22/18 to receive promotional credit.


VirMach - 存储型KVM VPS补货,10G端口最低$3.5/月 - 5刀年付128MB特价KVM VPS简单测评

LET - VirMach: Deposit $50 +20% FREE; Flash Deals beginning at 8:30PM US Pacific Time on November 22nd


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  1. Wei Wei

    最终的Cyber Monday大概于北京时间11/26 13:00 - 11/27 13:00 截止,预计会有大 Offer 放送。