BandwagonHost - 搬瓦工公告不再提供OpenVZ,不再支持续费

上周五分享了搬瓦工的最新业务调整动向,最引人关注的无疑是其突然下架了所有的 OpenVZ VPS 产品,昨天来自搬瓦工官方的公告也正式发布:

由于 OpenVZ v6 技术支持即将到期不再受到官方的支持,后续不会再有更新;同时 OpenVZ v7 相比 KVM 没有优势,迁移到OpenVZ v7也需要深度开发,鉴于自从提供 KVM VPS 以来的运营效果不错,所以决定不再提供 OpenVZ 系列产品,已有的 OpenVZ VPS 方案都将不支持续费,所有OpenVZ 用户在产品到期之后会有2周的免费延期时间作为过渡,请尽快迁移到 KVM 方案。


目前在用户后台的VPS管理页面中,OpenVZ 方案的续费状态已经变成 OFF 了:



目前还拥有并使用搬瓦工 OpenVZ VPS 方案的用户,请尽快把 VPS 上的数据进行迁移,可以迁移到搬瓦工其他保持正常运营的VPS方案(基于KVM的方案),包括:常规 KVM 方案、CN2 方案、CN2 GIA 方案和香港方案等;或者可以迁移到其他VPS服务商。

由于搬瓦工 OpenVZ 和 KVM 之间无法通过快照进行迁移,尝试相关操作将会提示如下错误: “Failed to import snapshot (752102) Additional information: Error 588616633: Import between KVM and OVZ technology is not possible.” 因此目前数据迁移只能通过自行备份文件进行迁移,如:打包、文件传输等。



OpenVZ VPS Phase Out

Dear Bandwagon Host Customer,

It is time for us to gradually phase out OpenVZ technology from our platform.

As you may know, OpenVZ v6 is going to reach EOL in November 2019. This means there will be no more security updates and no support provided by the developers, and we will not be able to continue operating this technology after this happens.

We want you to have the best experience possible, and we have carefully looked into our options. The only two viable options were: Option 1: Introduce OpenVZ 7; Option 2: Ask customers to migrate to KVM.

We did take a good look at OpenVZ 7. Unfortunately, we found that it will require a significant development effort in order to migrate all clients, and yet it offers no major advantages over OpenVZ 6 or KVM. At the same time, since introduction of our KVM plans back in June 2017 the vast majority of our customers naturally migrated from OpenVZ to KVM which only reinforces the strength of KVM platform compared to OpenVZ.

Therefore we are going to discontinue OpenVZ support on our platform and we ask that all remaining OpenVZ customers migrate to KVM. We are disabling all OpenVZ renewals on our platform.

To make this transition smoother for you, we have extended the paid period for all OpenVZ VPS for two weeks, free of charge, for all customers. This will give you two extra weeks of time to make this transition to KVM.

Moving forward, we will be sending out e-mail reminders to all OpenVZ customers.

We thank you for choosing Bandwagon Host and we are continuing to work on bringing the best virtualization technologies to our customers.

Daniel C

Bandwagon Host



CN2 黑五特价促销
  • CPU:1 核
  • 内存:512 MB
  • 硬盘:20 GB SSD
  • 流量:1 TB
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 机房:KVM 8个机房
  • 迁移:可迁移机房,流量不变
  • 价格:27.6 美元/年
CN2 GIA 黑五特价促销
  • CPU:1 核
  • 内存:256 MB
  • 硬盘:20 GB SSD
  • 流量:250 GB / 月
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 机房:CN2 GIA 10个机房
  • 迁移:可迁移至其他机房,流量不变
  • 价格:35.93 美元 / 年
KVM 2018网络星期一促销
  • CPU:2 核
  • 内存:1024 MB
  • 硬盘:40 GB SSD
  • 流量:1000 GB
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 机房:KVM 8 个机房
  • 迁移:可迁移,到 DC3 CN2 后流量为 1/3
  • 价格:15.99 美元/半年,29.99 美元/年
KVM 常规版 20 GB 方案配置对比
  • CPU:2 核
  • 内存:1024 MB
  • 硬盘:20 GB SSD
  • 流量:1000 GB
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 机房:KVM 8 个机房
  • 迁移:可迁移,到 CN2 后流量为 1/3
  • 价格:25.99 美元/半年,49.99 美元/年


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